Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Hi Everyone. Hope you have all had a great week! I thought for my next review I would write about my second purchase from Kiehl’s which I purchased along with the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution previously – you can read my review on this here. 

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Kiehls – Clearly Corrective Solution

30ml – £38.00 

Recently I have been suffering from pigmentation from previous breakout that just won’t go away. The breakout itself has long gone approx. 8 weeks ago but I am still left with the stubborn little red marks on my face. I had a sample of the dark spot solution last year and I was pleasantly surprised. It was just a small satchet but after a few days use I thought that the redness and reduced a little and my skin tone was more even. With this in mind I decided I would splurge a little this month and but the 30ml bottle for £38.00. 

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October Favourites 2018

Another month is sadly over. I feel like this year has gone so fast and doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon. It has been an eventful year for me and seems like only yesterday I was saying ‘it’ll soon be Christmas’. That was in January! Now November is upon us and everyone is starting to get in to the Christmas spirit. Before we get started on all the wonderful Christmas food and drink, here are the top three things I’ve loved throughout October

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West Barn Co – Soap Brows

I recently learned of Soap Brows when I was having my make up applied for my wedding. The little tin was under a few other things in the MUA’s kit and she had her hands full and couldn’t reach. I grabbed it for her and was immediately intrigued. After I came down from cloud 9 (eventually) I began searching for this product. I found it at and after reading through their web page, I purchased my first Soap Brows kit for £12.00.

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Illamasqua Part III – Matte Veil Primer


First impressions of this primer was the packaging. It comes in a smooth, black containers with only the company name visible. It’s a good weighty product to hold and the packaging doesn’t feel cheap. Twist the lid and this reveals a tiny little spoon, perfect for keeping the product as hygienic as possible. This will benefit any MUA who would like to add this primer to their collection without the worry of cross contamination between clients. An antibac wipe would be enough here. 

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Illamasqua Part II – Skin base Foundation

I purchased the foundation in shade 4.5 which is the same shade as I was matched with on my wedding trial. The colour works perfectly with my skin and gives a seamless coverage. It is medium to full coverage which I apply with either a foundation brush or beauty blender. The formula is creamy in consistency with no under eye creasing and doesn’t dry out my skin.

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Illamasqua Part I

I first noticed Illamasqua many years ago when visiting Selfridges, London. I loved how unique their counter was and stood out from the surrounding brands. The dark colours they used mixed with the masquerade style masks screamed gothic which really appealed to me. They seemed like no other brand out there and were starting to cause ripples in the water of the beauty industry. The packaging they used and the colours within it intrigued customers and although their counter was fairly small, they always seemed to be extremely busy.

Photo credit: Illamasqua

Unfortunately at the time I was only around 19 and I couldn’t warrant buying everything they had to offer on my salary. Whenever I visited Selfridges I would always stop by their counter to see what was new but didn’t ever get round to purchasing. Due to my sensitive skin, I was always reluctant to try any foundations in case I came out in a rash, or alternatively, loved the stuff but wouldn’t be able to repurchase since there wasn’t any Illamasqua beauty counters near where I lived. So I resorted to window shopping

Fast forward almost 10 years….

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The Beginning


Thank you for visiting my blog. Im only new here but I am hoping to bring you beauty and makeup tips in the future. This is all a work in progress but I am excited to learn. Drop me a message if you have any tips on best ways to start a blog. I am always interested to hear other people’s experiences

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