Illamasqua Part I

I first noticed Illamasqua many years ago when visiting Selfridges, London. I loved how unique their counter was and stood out from the surrounding brands. The dark colours they used mixed with the masquerade style masks screamed gothic which really appealed to me. They seemed like no other brand out there and were starting to cause ripples in the water of the beauty industry. The packaging they used and the colours within it intrigued customers and although their counter was fairly small, they always seemed to be extremely busy.

Photo credit: Illamasqua

Unfortunately at the time I was only around 19 and I couldn’t warrant buying everything they had to offer on my salary. Whenever I visited Selfridges I would always stop by their counter to see what was new but didn’t ever get round to purchasing. Due to my sensitive skin, I was always reluctant to try any foundations in case I came out in a rash, or alternatively, loved the stuff but wouldn’t be able to repurchase since there wasn’t any Illamasqua beauty counters near where I lived. So I resorted to window shopping

Fast forward almost 10 years….

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The Beginning


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