Kiehls – Clearly Corrective Solution

30ml – £38.00 

Recently I have been suffering from pigmentation from previous breakout that just won’t go away. The breakout itself has long gone approx. 8 weeks ago but I am still left with the stubborn little red marks on my face. I had a sample of the dark spot solution last year and I was pleasantly surprised. It was just a small satchet but after a few days use I thought that the redness and reduced a little and my skin tone was more even. With this in mind I decided I would splurge a little this month and but the 30ml bottle for £38.00. 

I purchase through Debenhams online since they had Kiehls on offer at the time for 10% off (got to love a bargain). I collected the next day from my local department store.

The bottle comes in a cardboard box with useful snippets of information on and protects the glass bottle inside.

Let me just say that I love the bottle itself! I don’t know why but ever since I was little I had a weird addiction to little pipette style bottles. I always thought they looked like something from a science lab and loved to squish the product up. Even though I am 20 years older I still have a love for them.

I use approx. two droplets of the serum which has a slightly thick quality when squeezed on to my hand. I quickly rub my hands together and pat over my clean face. I have been using this twice a day at the moment, in the morning under my make up and on a night after removing make up. I apply it underneath my moisturiser as directed. Normally I don’t follow this instruction with other serums as I find my moisturiser slides around too much on top of them but with the Dark Spot Solution it absorbs so fast that there is no chance that my moisturiser can slip around.

I have only been using this product for three days and to be honest I wasn’t expecting huge results at first. However, this morning I woke up and popped in the shower to get ready for work and I when I looked at my face in the bathroom mirror it looks so much more different. The red marks dotted around my face don’t look so obvious and have dramatically reduced in size. Considering I have only used this for three days I cant wait to see what my skin looks like in a week…or even longer! 

So far I am really happy with this product. I will report back with this in a few weeks time with an update. Let’s hope for the best!

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