West Barn Co – Soap Brows

I recently learned of Soap Brows when I was having my make up applied for my wedding. The little tin was under a few other things in the MUA’s kit and she had her hands full and couldn’t reach. I grabbed it for her and was immediately intrigued. After I came down from cloud 9 (eventually) I began searching for this product. I found it at https://www.westbarnco.com and after reading through their web page, I purchased my first Soap Brows kit for £12.00.

Delivery of the product was a little slow but I suppose we are used to getting most thing after a few days, this took a week to come. Which looking back, isn’t actually too bad. I think I was just too excited to receive it.

The packaging is simple yet beautiful. My favourite detail being the little sticker on the bottom of the tin which says ‘proudly made my Donna’. This adds such a personal touch and has a home made feel to it, not just something which has rolled out of a factory.

The brow kit comes with the product itself in a little tin. My tin has a completely detachable lid which I thought was a mistake as all the others I had seen had hinged lids. I contacted West Barn Co and they got back to me very quickly to tell me that they are actually their new style and I have received it early…which made me feel special hehe. Two spoolies also come in the kit to apply the product

The tin contains natural and organic ingredients and does resemble a bar of soap. It is much harder than I was expecting and has virtually no fragrance.

I had read (possibly on their own site) that the best way to apply this was to spray the spoolies with water or face spray etc then dip into the product, not to spray the product direct as this can cause the tin to rust. I sprayed the spoolie as advised but found nothing really seemed to stick to it. After a few tries I gave up and sprayed the tin direct – living life on the edge, I know. What a difference! I don’t spray much in to the tin and I let it dry before I put the lid back on but wow. It makes my little eyebrow hairs so much more defined and I find they stay in place all day. I tend to use a pencil or eyebrow gel (you can read my review on the Illamasqua eyebrow gel here) and then use Soap Brows when finished. I find that if I apply the Soap Brows first, my eyebrow hairs clump together in one place and I have big gaps in other parts which doesn’t look attractive at all

All in all I absolutely love this product. I have tried eyebrow wax and clear gel in the past but they have never held as well as Soap Brows. Looking at their website they also sell face sprays and cleaners plus a variety of other products which I really want to try.



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