Illamasqua Part IV – Precision Brow Gel


Firstly, let me say that my eyebrows are pretty naff. They are sparse and very fine and a pale brown. I have them waxed from time to time to put in some shape which has made an improvement but my left eyebrow always looks worse than my right.

I have tried all sorts to make them look more interesting and there has been some improvement, one product being Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel. I use this with a small angled eyebrow brush (also Illamasqua) and I find it goes on really easy. The colour suits perfect which I haven’t found in a lot of products. I have used this for a few months now and found that a little goes a long way. I have used brow gel previously from other brands and noticed that after a few weeks the product always dried up so I had to use more and more on the brush to get it to sweep through my brows. So far, the Illamasqua brow gel hasn’t dried up at all. It is still very soft and applies easily. There hasn’t been any caking and I find it doesn’t budge after a long day wearing it which is perfect. Noone wants their eyebrows to slide off haha

Well I think I will bring the Illamasqua reviews to a close for now. I don’t want my blog to become repetitive haha. Keeping on the brow theme, next post will be up featuring West Barn Co’s Soap Brows. See you then!



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