Illamasqua Part III – Matte Veil Primer


First impressions of this primer was the packaging. It comes in a smooth, black containers with only the company name visible. It’s a good weighty product to hold and the packaging doesn’t feel cheap. Twist the lid and this reveals a tiny little spoon, perfect for keeping the product as hygienic as possible. This will benefit any MUA who would like to add this primer to their collection without the worry of cross contamination between clients. An antibac wipe would be enough here. 

Moving on to the product itself. The formula has a very faint, sweet fragrance which I happen to really like but some people who don’t like any fragrance could be put off by this. I have found that a little goes a long way and would usually only need one little spoon to dot across the face. It has a light texture and only takes a few seconds to be absorbed in to the skin. There isn’t much of a wait before you can begin applying the rest of your make up which is perfect. The texture is in no way like some primers which leave a soft, silicone like texture on your hands once rubbed it. The Matte Veil Primer seems to just vanish once absorbed.

I have found when I use this product under my makeup my foundation will last all day and my skin is far from being greasy. In fact, I visited a Kiehls counter while wearing this once and the lady who worked there wanted to give me a few samples of their products (fine by me). She told me that she would check which skin type I am first and to do this applied a little pad to my skin which shows up any oils. Keep in mind that my makeup will have been on a good few hours before she did this and I usually have very oily skin. She pulled the pad away and there was hardly on oil there! She actually said that I have more dry skin than oily which I found hilarious

In all honestly, I don’t wear Matte Veil Primer every day but I do love it. You get so much product for your money (currently around £34.00) but as the main ingredient is alcohol I don’t like to wear every day for fears of drying out my skin with over use. 

All in all it is an excellent product and so far the only primer I have been able to use without having a breakout or allergy – and I have tried a few




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