The Beginning


Thank you for visiting my blog. Im only new here but I am hoping to bring you beauty and makeup tips in the future. This is all a work in progress but I am excited to learn. Drop me a message if you have any tips on best ways to start a blog. I am always interested to hear other people’s experiences

Take a look at my posts. Hope you enjoy them!



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4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Hello! I have some tips for you! 😊
    First off you’re off to a great start & I’m looking forward to reading your next posts! I also noticed you added more tags from the first time we talked which is good!
    For the first tip I would suggest adding the name of the review in the title so for “Illamasqua Part II” you could write “Illamasqua Part II Skin Base Foundation Review” It is easier for people to know what your post is about at the get go
    The next tip I have is add a “more” tag to your posts. When looking at your blog in a browser you have to continously scroll to get to the next post. When you add a more tag after your intro paragraph, people can easily scroll through your blog.
    You can also write some lifestyle posts so we can get to know you more instead of just sticking to all beauty posts. I know when I just wrote beauty posts it got boring.
    Besides those tips, I would recommend visiting other blogs, commenting on their posts & following the bloggers you like 😊

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    1. Thank you so much! I did notice the blogs on the main page just went on and on but I didn’t realise it could be changed. That’s a brilliant tip. They all are! I’m going to go back through my old posts and edit them with what you have advised in mind. Thank you so much again, I’m learning 😁 xx

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